Lovers’ Arrows

Silas’ love finally burned
itself out.
It was early morning
by this stage, and the
fire had raged for
several hours.

Happy that nothing was
left of
His love,
Silas left the scene,
returning home, and
fell asleep, still smelling
of the petrol

Amended 10 April 1997

Ink Well

The teacher once
told Silas
that it took
lots of guts
to write

Finding that the
pen was mightier than
the sword,
Silas realised
that He
was quite an

Amended 27 February 1997, 10 April 1997

Ode to random violence

The community care for
And one day, He was
able to go shopping.

Silas purchased
from the shop-
a cordless Drill, and a
Large drill bit.

Whilst shopping, Silas asked
to try out a sanding
attachment. It worked well,
Though the assistant didn’t like it.

Later, whilst visiting His
Silas sat on the bus,
Eager to try out his new toy.

A child, next to Silas,
Began to misbehave. This
annoyed Silas, so He drilled
through its parents’ heads.

And Silas was content, though
the child still misbehaved
for at least it was no longer the
fault of its upbringing.

Silas in the wilderness

The happy little bluebirds
No longer fly.
They cannot – for
has been here.

Once, when He was younger, and
Less well
He had visited the park.

Being miserly with truth,
Silas reinvented the
Dodo. Perhaps He was
Confused, but Wingless bluebirds
Do not look similar.

Silas was pleased though,
For when He threw the
Birds, at least They
Didn’t fly.