I don’t normally write the blog in a “I’ve done this” style. Lets face it, when I do, no-one, including me, is interested in what I say.

Even so.

Just back from the pub. Back from several pubs. I decided it would be good to see people. No-one’s phone was answered though, nor email, so that didn’t help. The first pub was full of people watching some sort of football game and not people I know. So I came back, enjoying the bike ride if nothing else.

Then to somewhere in town. Allegedly jazz. Could have been good. Wasn’t. Still, it was fun dodging pedestrians on the bike.

And so finally to the pubs around the corner. After all, I do actually know people who live around the corner, and although I seem only rarely to see them, on the occasions when it does happen it is sometimes in the pub.

But no.

The last pub, the Lescar, had a DJ. It also had a barmaid who looked like sporty spice. But mainly it had a DJ. Unfortunately, the DJ’s talents extended to hiding 30 seconds of genius amongst an endless tirade of shit. So I came home. Which is a shame. As I’m now bored.

Enough trite snippety musing. Back to trite poetry and writing.


Vampire beatles

I love you

yeah, yeah, yeah

I love you

yeah, yeah, yeah

and I know that it will last

thoughout the night

When I am here

I make you feel alright

until you see my teeth, and

I hold you in my bite

cos I love you

yeah, yeah, yeah

I love you

yeah, yeah, yeah

and I know that it will last

thoughout the night

(Repeat ad nauseum for the next 30 years.)

Fixed vision

when you lie back on the hill top
and watch the clouds move
with uncertain speed
sun baking your skin

the birds can be heard
sometimes seen
as they fly, overhead
the sounds of the trees
catching the wind

staring out there
on a beautiful day
makes you realise
just exactly how
is the world
that still you can’t master

Saving plan

I am saving all my money for a new life
a place with satin sheets
and a butler

I’m looking ahead
for the time when all the bills will be paid
and the food in the cupboard
will be edible

I like the thought
that all this will change
what there is now
and the scope for the future

so I’m staking it all
at one quid a go
sometimes more
on the lottery, and bingo

– You are in a web of snippety musings.

– In front of you there is a portal into

– another world.

Look around.

– There is nothing of any note here.

Call out

– Your colleagues in the office ask what

– is wrong

Examine portal

– The portal lists words in white on a

– black background.

– Some words are underlined.

Read words

– The words do not make sense.

Shout “Nads”

– There is no need to bring all adventure

– games down to the same level.