At the weekend I had my induction for the climbing wall at the gym – this was the main reason that I joined the gym. Aside, of course, from the delightful membership consultant, who drew me in rather like a siren making sailers crash against the rocks. But that’s another story. The climbing wall itself has auto belays, which means that once reaching the top you have to let go of the wall and are gently lowered to the ground. Its a scary process the first time – unlike abseiling with a partner, there is no tension when you let go, and so coming down is a matter of trust that you won’t just fall 40 feet. Fortunately, I solved this uncertainty, by simply falling off.

Good things about the interweb:

I get to meet new and interesting people.

Bad things about the interweb:

My web site portrayal. Oops.

Cronenberg’s A History of Violence is, in some ways, a departure for the director, as it opens the filmscape to a wider field of interest and realism than in some of his other recent works. That said, it retains a fascination for the grotesque and for the inter-relation between conflicting worlds.