Striped sock

If I was to squeeze
your foot
like a tube of toothpaste

the insides would come out
a podiatry pate
from the big toe

I wouldn’t clean my
teeth with it

the taste
of foot in mouth
being all wrong

Towards the year’s close

Zoom. Did you notice, the sound of the year rushing past, speedier than ever as you sit watching the television from the safety of a lockdown sofa?

We are, apparently, still at war with the Corona virus. An enemy that we can’t see, and that many seem to assume as an inconvenience not to be taken seriously. It gets in the way of the drinking and *being crowded together* that is so much more important than spending a month not moving anywhere.

In the spirit of success, I have spent the morning extracting wood filler from the aforementioned doors, as the residual holes look better than discoloured filler.

Perhaps this is just like life. Be yourself and embrace everything, rather than looking artificial with an attempt to fit in.

Automatic writing

Tears return
as we all will
to the ocean

Look ahead, and
the future erases the now

in two hundred years
these words
the many that have
surrounded them

will be lost, memories only
to dead lovers
friends and acquaintances
a lifetime past and