Lovers’ Arrows

Silas’ love finally burned
itself out.
It was early morning
by this stage, and the
fire had raged for
several hours.

Happy that nothing was
left of
His love,
Silas left the scene,
returning home, and
fell asleep, still smelling
of the petrol

Amended 10 April 1997

Ink Well

The teacher once
told Silas
that it took
lots of guts
to write

Finding that the
pen was mightier than
the sword,
Silas realised
that He
was quite an

Amended 27 February 1997, 10 April 1997

Zero tolerance

A man said
to me
“Excuse me Sir, could
you lend me 50p?”

Whilst stabbing him in
the eyes
with a rusty nail
that I found in
my pocket, I replied

“But you’d never give it
back, you lying bastard”
And as I walked back to
my car
I thought

if he’d only
for the money, I’d
have happily

Amended 12 January 1997, 10 April 1997, 27 Apil 2001