Amazon have failed to deliver any of the Christmas presents that I ordered, have not replied to emails, and have not returned calls. I got rather cross when I spoke to them just now.

Its rather difficult to get hold of their phone number from the site, but the good news is that it is here: 0800 2796620

Under the tree

in some wrap

is a present

that’s quite crap

a little gift

from me to you

thats crafted from

a piece of poo.

I-thank you.

Film comment: I Heart Huckabees

The existential dectective drives a Citroen DS. Hurrah.

I have to say, though, that quite why anyone in a studio thought that “I heart Huckabees” would make money is a mystery. I enjoyed it. But it did seem as though it was always going to alienate the audience. In the large screened cinema of this place there were 5 people watching, two of whom left part way through.