After the accident

I read your letter at about 4 am
thank you for your words and
I’m sorry to hear about it.

I tried, but I couldn’t think of anything
to say in reply. So
I read Jackie Chan’s autobiography instead, a
fascinating story.

I’d thoroughly recommend it!

Amended 1 May 2005, 22 May 2014

Low temperature

The fridge is suffering bulimia
food goes in
goes off
comes out
in the bin
and the fridge
stays looking pale
and cold
an electric corpse in the kitchen
the light long since having gone out
even when the door is open.

Fitting in

I tried to hide
got a job as an accountant
took a holiday in Spain
only drove in Ford cars
wore a Ben Sherman shirt on nights out
relished Pizza Hut
extended my salary with credit cards
took initiative on lunch breaks
drank down at the local
kept old trainers for the garden

But they found me
saw in hand
buzzing like average
as I tried to make
two point four children