Heard from the next room

Very nice.

The voice of the help from outside. Not directed at or against him
the voice was engaged in
private chat
of the sort that was possible when you had no concern of your world

He had no concern either
had barriers, though
but that was the norm.

Still, it was Tuesday so perhaps
They’s let him play a record
or make a record
the longest fucking time in the place without going off track
but even if it was possible
he didn’t think that they’d believe it

On the misanthropic society, and my refusal to reply to the invitation

People create societies because they want to belong. There’s strength, see, in numbers and a shared opinion that saves you from thinking for yourself.

A contact of mine, who fancies himself as a bit of a wag, created the misanthropic society. And he asked me to join.

Such an invitation created a distopia of feelings. Whilst its nice to be asked to join a group, no matter how facile the subject matter might be (or, in this case, perhaps how anti-facile since it involves avoiding the majority of the gene pool in acknowledgement of their inadequacies), extending such an openness would be missing the point. And from the very people who are supposed to embrace misanthropia.

I clearly cannot join a misanthropic society that has any members. Membership is contact, human contact, and an acceptance of value. I cannot be part of this.

Guidelines to your success

They say that ambition is good, and that you should
work hard now
so that later,
you can work harder
at a bigger desk
for more money

They say that
is chasing the dream
and that you should
live it now
its too late

They judge on
money, and
class, first,
inherited meaning

18.12.02 (amended)

At the end of another day, in th equiet off the alleyways, the side streets, and in the ginnels – and in the most lonesome and empty rooms of the houses – the universe unwinds. The noise is like the all the conversations you’ve ever heard, all the sounds of the day, slowly being reversed, out and in again, the sound of a giant’s great slumber. You mustn’t wake the giant, for he needs his rest
Some forget this. And when it happens, the giant deals with interruptions – say, the child who wonders about his parents’ house after they have gone to sleep – with quiet efficiency.