Another dialogue

Look, he said.

The past is a worship of 

The future asks you to live for it.

Live for it, he thought
Staring from the sockets that windowed 
the reality to which he was subscribed

The reflection looked back but said nothing

Reflections don’t understand

Start now, he said
See, a line engraved under everything that once was

His reflection grimaced, gnashed it’s teeth
the mirror’s glass a cage to this beast

Smart silver

The world turned slowly to the
grandfather’s clock
each hour or half marked
by a chime, cake, or both
and tea
for today will always be Sunday
a time to discuss the
latest deaths
of those we once knew,
and the current wrongs of the world

Time for now

Admire nature
Pick up stones, sticks
buckets of water from the sea

Drive for miles to look at the view
conveniently placed
by a cafe

serving nature’s best
and ice cream

Leave footprints and
warm breath, but
take home memories

enough for a lifetime
or at least, until the
end of the day

Striped sock

If I was to squeeze
your foot
like a tube of toothpaste

the insides would come out
a podiatry pate
from the big toe

I wouldn’t clean my
teeth with it

the taste
of foot in mouth
being all wrong

Automatic writing

Tears return
as we all will
to the ocean

Look ahead, and
the future erases the now

in two hundred years
these words
the many that have
surrounded them

will be lost, memories only
to dead lovers
friends and acquaintances
a lifetime past and