The country is going into full lockdown again, because the infection rate is up.

In years to come, scholars may examine these snippety musings to see if they can distill any sense about what was going on, from the mind of an uncommon commoner.

For the avoidance of doubt, this will be a waste of a research grant.

They’d survived. Another year, another party, another full night of summer with everyone in the house. Even them.

The morning after the night before was, as ever, littered with regret. Bottles that had contained hope lay empty. Flat surfaces sullied. The smell of poor choices in the air.

Alice looked across the room to the mirror. Her reflection looked aghast to see her assessing it.

We took a walk and saw the normals in the field. They stood together, ignoring the limit on numbers and of space. Jostling. Pressing. Trying to ensure that they all could enjoy the same breath. Singing. They probably licked each others faces.

It remains unsurprising that the pandemic is so problematic when the opportunity for considerate thought is ignored in such a way.

On the plus side, we did manage to sledge.