Cronenberg’s A History of Violence is, in some ways, a departure for the director, as it opens the filmscape to a wider field of interest and realism than in some of his other recent works. That said, it retains a fascination for the grotesque and for the inter-relation between conflicting worlds.

Film comment: I Heart Huckabees

The existential dectective drives a Citroen DS. Hurrah.

I have to say, though, that quite why anyone in a studio thought that “I heart Huckabees” would make money is a mystery. I enjoyed it. But it did seem as though it was always going to alienate the audience. In the large screened cinema of this place there were 5 people watching, two of whom left part way through.

Film comment: Fakers

Trying, it seems, to be a cross between Catch me if you can and Shooting Fish, this is a jolly romp (TM) that pits a loveable rogue who is in trouble with a gangland boss (see note) against the less intelligent, and more self-obsessed, members of London’s art world. Its good fun, although the unwitting appearence of a wedding ring on the finger of one of the male cast members during a close up suggests either that a significant proportion of that character’s story was cut, or that there was a continuity issue.

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Film comment: Dans ma peau (2002)

Ignores wider or historical context for main charactor including the rationale for the initial scenario. Ignores 50% of sufferers whilst portraying it at something that only the other 50% could understand, a predictable outlook. Interesting meal scene that shows the disjointed reality, good general coverage of some parts of the situation in this. Reasonable sfx. Mixed opinion. If you do see it, do try not to laugh like half the audience in the cinema where I saw it. Twunts.