18.12.02 (amended)

At the end of another day, in th equiet off the alleyways, the side streets, and in the ginnels – and in the most lonesome and empty rooms of the houses – the universe unwinds. The noise is like the all the conversations you’ve ever heard, all the sounds of the day, slowly being reversed, out and in again, the sound of a giant’s great slumber. You mustn’t wake the giant, for he needs his rest
Some forget this. And when it happens, the giant deals with interruptions – say, the child who wonders about his parents’ house after they have gone to sleep – with quiet efficiency.

No translation

Bags full, I leave the cheque, and
out to the park

cars filling each space
egos filling empty cars

But there’s no wait
on a cycle, and so I’m off

having stuffed the panniers
full of good things, and beer

to carry out
and carry on.


I spent yesterday lunchtime sat on a corpse, eating a period preserved in vinegar.

Its surprising that, in the time I’ve worked around the corner from the University-owned churchyard in the city of [this place], I’d not before used it as somewhere to sit. Students and staff alike were out in force, and the inhabitants had plenty of company for once. My only slight disapointment was the lack of certainty that the sandwich – purchased because the rather fine Japanese food stall had been towed away – contained free range egg mayo.