On Friends, Reunited


I never paid much attention to you at School, University or in those clubs or workplace when we used to know each other. You used to try to speak to me, but to be honest; you were a bit of an embarrassment. I was trying to get in with the cooler kids / gang / programmers, and you and your buck teeth were a pain in the neck.

I don’t know why you’ve bothered looking here for me. Think of it. The name. Friendsreunited. If you were a friend, would we really need this site? Of course not. We’d have stayed in contact, and there would be no need for some social regenerative facilitation in order to allow us to speak again.

I say that in jest. We never spoke to start with. How can we speak again?

Perhaps you’re from the other crowd. Fucked up your life and stuck in a rut, hoping that everyone from your previous peer group did the same, that you can share cynicism and regret, and maybe, just maybe, that will get you into the pants of the one who you used to fancy, a long time ago, think you still do, think there could be just the slightest chance, despite that person not replying to your calls or messages or emails, moving away, unannounced.

So what are you doing now? Me, I’m running a multi-national company, living in three countries, and have a beautiful partner and kids. I was lucky, of course, to do all this so young, and I have to work hard to maintain the salary.

Life is good.

And you?

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