This morning, on the way into work, a cyclist on the main road was knocked from his bike by a car turning onto the road from a junction. I didn’t see the accident as I had just passed the junction, although I was only a few feet away at the time. The driver of the car stopped and got out to help the cyclist. His bike was damaged and he was very shaken. Fortunately he didn’t appear to be dead, as he was able to shuffle around in a generally miserable but non-zombie like way. He should have been wearing a helmet.

A couple of minutes after that, I was nearly hit by a car as I crossed a road. The car turned without signalling. No doubt the speed at which he was driving created g forces to great to allow him to move his hands to the indicator stalk. Lucky, then, that I wasn’t hit. I think. Unless I’m now dead and this is a spirit blog. It’s a thought.

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