Spent the weekend in London, as a film that I had worked on had its cast and crew screening at the national film theatre on Sunday. It was fun. I hope that the producers will get it additional coverage, via festivals of whatever. It deserves it.

Now leaving, and I am taking with my the typical souveniers. An inability to breathe properly, the remains of a cheap umbrella that lasted half of the time that I fuirst used it, and having spoent a stupid amount of money on seemingly nothing, a vague feeling of having been robbed. But I like London, nonetheless, and miss the fact that I’ve not been for a visit for ages.

If I forgor to tell you that I was coming down, then I am extremely sorry and please don’t take it personally. If I did tell you that I was coming, but you forgot to meet me, than I am extremely sorry, and take it personally.

The train has yet to move. We’ve got about ten minutes before that happens, then its high speed all the way to Sheffield. Back tomorrow.

The blog, as you may have noticed, has not been updated with any degree of frequency in the last few months. I’ve decided that it should be taken as a sign, and therefore, I’m going to redesign all of the pages for this domain as soon as I get chance. Which, I hope, will be in the next couple of weeks. I know that the current pages exist on the internet archive, and I might move them to a new section of the site, or a different domain name, but I have yet to decide.

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