Happiest days of their lives

There was the time I tried to walk home
got to the gates desperate to the caught
and sent back
stood there for a lifetime
until it passed and a teacher came
to reincarnate me back into the classroom

The darkroom was good
You could be alone, the red light
made it safe so
no-one could join the
smell of the chemicals
broken stool
and the clock that counted down to the end of break time

Of course they knew
They could read my mind
sat there, plotting against me in the staff room
that was why they’d cancel games for a
cross country run
and why one day there was that maggot in my lunch

I used to think that they didn’t like it if you
didn’t run
but now I know
that’s how they caught you
easy prey
a distraction from their unqualified mediocrity
and the years until retirement

Amended 22 May 2014
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