I could be inspired or jealous. But I think, inspired is more useful. And she’s called Alex. Which is a good start.

GIRL: a page by alex

Photos are, at last, soon to arrive on this site. I’m just looking into how the hell to post them. I can’t believe that I didn’t take photos for so many years, but it was a dark period, at least for camera exposure. Not too bad for poetry, although much of that had to be rewritten or amended for this site.

And what of the writing? If you do read anything here you’ll be struck both by the lack of ability to finish anything, and perhaps also the lack of a plot. The lack of quality goes without saying. Both of the former points can be overcome, with time, and in fact I’m working out more details of a plot for something slightly longer. It will happen. Just feed me B vitamins first, they seem to help my concentration. At least for 30 seconds.

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