I also emailed BOSE. They make speakers. They refuse to publish technical specifications for their expensive equipment, so what you buy, and how it sounds, is a complete lottery. Personally, I think its stupid to make purchases without knowledge of what you are purchasing. So I emailed them…

[Web form email]


I was interested in the sound dock for my ipod. Strangely, unlike your

competitors, I cannot find any technical information on the item. Can

you provide me with this information so thatI can make an informed

decision, rather than one that is based purely on marketing rhetoric.



[They replied, sending me an instruction sheet and asking what I really wanted to know. So I replied back…]

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 3:03 PM

From: “Alex Veitch”
To: xxx

Subject: RE: Music/Home Cinema Systems & Speakers

Dear Madam or Sir

Many thanks for the swift reply to my email. I was heartened to see this, and the attached file. Unfortunately, although it gives instruction on the use of the sound dock, and gives such detailed technical specification in relation to its weight, the sheet fails to provide an overview of the audio qualities of the product, particularly its reproductive frequency range and power output.

For a brief moment, I wondered if the sound dock was therefore an item that would confound physics by emitting no audible frequencies at all. I assume that I am wrong about this, as it seems to run counter to your reputation for audio excellence.

It would therefore be helpful if you could send me information on the reproductive frequency range for the speakers, and the power output. I would, after all, hate to buy the product only to find that it was so quiet that only my pet bat could enjoy the tunes, except that the music was played on such a constrained frequency range that even the bat couldn’t hear it.

I hope that you see my dilemma.

I look forward to receiving the details – which, as I said before, are easily obtained for the competitor products. I have cash in my pocket and am poised to make the purchase, but it seems fiscally irresponsible to do so without the full knowledge of the product, so without this information I will buy a competitor item.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks


[They sent a standard email saying customers are too stupid to understand spec sheets so they won’t release them. Maybe they won’t release them because the statement “No highs, no lows, its got to be Bose” is actually true. Who knows. I’ve not actually listened to the product in question.]

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