Gwen Penguin And The Valley Of The Cod

Once upon a time there was a little penguin, called Gwen, who lived with her family in an icy lair next to the other penguins.

[image of GP’s house, GP looking out of the window at the other penguins, mother and father penguin behind her.]

Gwen Penguin liked nothing more than to have a nice snack, and then fall asleep. It was tiring being a penguin! One day, when she was particularly tired, Gwen Penguin had a little nap – even though it wasn’t night!

[image of GP going to bed, the sun shining outside and the clock stating afternoon] Slowly but surely, she started to dream]

[image of dreams forming, taking over the icy lair via thought like bubbles: small ones across the page, leading to the start of an image of an icy valley.]

Gwen Penguin had lots of dreams, but today, she had one that was special! Today, she started to dream about the valley of the cod!

[new page] Gwen Penguin had heard of the valley of the cod when she was just a little penguin. As she dreamt, she found herself waddling down the valley. There were other penguins there, and they all looked full.

[image of many a fat penguin looking confused, their wings spread slightly as they were too fat to put them down by their sides.]

“Is this the valley of the cod?” asked Gwen to a passing penguin named Colin. “It is,” replied Colin, “but its no good now.” Gwen Penguin was confused. The valley of the cod was the place where all the penguins had enough to eat – not like when she was awake! She looked about her, and the other penguins seemed full – but she couldn’t see any food! “Where are all the fish?” asked Gwen Penguin. “I like a nice fish dish.”

[image of Gwen Penguin imagining being at the table with mother penguin bringing some sort of fish pie, the head of the cod sticking out from the side, its mouth open.]

“All the fish have gone” said Colin. “We just ate the last one!” Gwen Penguin was shocked! How could there be no food in the valley of the cod – and what could be done? “We’ve been eating too many fish,” said Colin, “and now there are none left. We’ve been greedy.”

At that moment, Gwen Penguin woke up. What a relief! It wasn’t nice to find out that all the penguins had been greedy. Later on, Gwen Penguin’s mother called her to the table for her dinner. Normally, that was the best spot of the day, apart from when she was asleep.

“No cod for me please!” she exclaimed. “From now on, I’m just having vegetables!” From that moment on, Gwen Penguin never ate another fish. And, as her friends stopped eating as many fish, do you know what? More cod started appearing in the waters around them. Gwen Penguin liked to see the cod – and now when she dreamt of them, they were her friends!

[image of GP asleep, dreaming of swimming next to a shoal of cod, the head cod waving at her.]


Next time on vegan propaganda for children: why drinking milk will make you burn in hell, without your favourite toys!

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