A day at the office

> You are in a room. You cannot see anything.

Walk forward

> You walk forward and hit a wall. There is a switch and a door.

Turn on light

> You turn on the light, and can see a desk and chair
> to the East, a window to the North, and a door to the South.

Walk to desk

> You walk to the desk, on which there is a computer screen
> and keyboard. There is also a cup of coffee, a packet
> of cigarettes, and a box of matches.

Drink coffee

> You take a sip from the coffee. It is hot, and bitter.
> Pieces of the coarse beans from the brew get stuck
> between your teeth.

Open door

> The door is locked.

Unlock door

> The door is locked from the outside. You cannot unlock the door.

Open window

> The window does not open.

Look out of window

> Out of the window you can see people walking on the
> street below. They look very small. You are high up.

Sit on Chair

> You sit on the chair at the desk

Light cigarette

Contemplate meaning of life

Pretend to be a great French philosopher

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