No-one knew about any building works, but the morning after the fire alarm had allowed us to go home early we arrived into work to find a new lift in the foyer.

“What the hell..”

The lift cut through Maggie’s office, so she was right to be annoyed. More right than anyone esle, in fact, as she owned the company. If she didn’t want the lift there then there would be some explaining to do.

“Hey maggie, you got a mult level office now?”

She stormed to the nearest phone and angrily pciked up the handset before looking confused.

“What the hell is this lift doing here?” she said, to no-one, the phone limp in her hand.

“More than that, Mags, how did the damn thing get built so quickly. I mean, yesterday there was no lift. Today, lift. Thats not right. ”

Toby was right, as always, so she ignored him and asked sandra her PA whether her files had been found.

Nothing changed for a week, and the staff became used to seeing the lift, doors shrouded with yelloe tape that warned of a line not to be crossed, staring at them when they visited the foyer.

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