“No, thank you. I’ve just had a cup.”

Not the right move, she thought again, her physical discomfort now mirrored by a frown on her section head. No matter. She wanted to know why she was here.

He sat down opposite her, forcing his trousers to ride up his legs. The brown argyle socks failed miserably to protect Marie from the vision of his pale skin, exposed and decorated by dark, wiry hairs.

“I shall have one anyway. If you’ll excuse me.”

Not bothering to move, he pulled the door open slightly and lent his head around into the open office, asking his PA to bring him in a cup. With a brief smile as he looked forward to his liquid refreshment, Bob pushed the door closed and turned once more to face the anxious Marie.

“Well, thank you for coming.

“I expect you’re wondering why I asked you in to see me?”

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