Had a jacket potato with marmite for lunch.


Drank 2 cups of water. 6 more to go, to meet quota.

Walked into work as both car and bike are poorly.

A brief meeting.

Spoke to a man at the army regarding some filming.

Wrote blog.

Blogged down with the mundane detail. This is my minutiae. Did you want to know

about the black outs last night?

I can’t help. Nor explain the feinting this morning.

But I do know: I had a nice chat with a friend, today, and that is something.

Perhaps the small things do count? The details. Maybe that’s the purpose. Stop aiming for the big picture and go for the detail. Concentrate on it. Own it. Control it. You can be your own God, then, for the things that you create.

But no. I don’t think that this is it. You need the high aims to get the small.

Apparently when I walked into the office I looked as though I was going to fall asleep. Whilst walking. Its certainly possible, although I think Iwas fairly alert at that stage. Earier? Well, that would be different. But earlier is always different. That’s the only thing that stays the same.

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