At the moment, I am sitting in the Ark Bar by Finchley Road tube, waiting for a friend, whose floor will be my home for the night. I was rather surprised, when I opened the lid of my powerbook, to see that it asked me if I wanted to join the network. And so I did. This has alloowed me to check my email and generally look like a friendless geek to all the people passing the window. Far better to do it here, I think, with a pint in my hand, than having to pay to use the plastic cafe supplied computers up the road.

I am in London, filming. Having graduated from zombies, for this film I am doing vampires. Woo!, as the brother of my namesake apparently cries. If you work in media, or make films, let me work with you. Especially if its on a friday, saturday or sunday. That way I don’t need to take any time out of work.

On the way down, I started a reflection in my note book on the nature of experience. That was silly. What luck that it was only a two hour journey.

The important thing is to remember, and acknowledge, the good that does happen. I had a couple of good emails, both from a friend whose work I admire, and that was good. Both the sentiment within the messages, and the fact that I’d been sent anything, reminded me of the importance of the dream, to keep it alive, and to make it real.

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