Site update to Myndzone 2004


My attempt at getting the site W3C (HTML 4.01 transitional) compliant has not been a complete success. There has been much to resolve. Theoryzone is now alive again, but is virtually unchanged from the original. If anyone who knows about these things could tell me how to make it HTML4.01 compliant whilst retaining the frameset, I would be most grateful. At some stage I am going to rewrite the content for this section, but the more immediate priority is to fix these problems and to upload rather a lot of poetry.

The picture of the Charles Bridge that appeared in the Blog is currently missing, as I deleted it by mistake. Oops. It will appear, when I’ve tracked down the original. Photos are all currently hosted on the dot mac account. This will have to remain the case, as I don’t have sufficient bandwidth here – but of course, in the longer term, I shall just use the mac space as a picture server, and the albums themselves will be fully integrated on the photozone section of this site.

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