Springtime brings new hope and a new need to fuck. This, I think, is the only explanation to what is happening. Early spring, and meeting someone new so that, far from completing three years alone, I find myself emailed to meet Nic again, this time at her Department. Prior emotional entanglement had once made this seem impossible. Its rare for me to be around so early, as I’ve normally been working late. This makes me glad to have made the effort. If I ignore the lecture then I can just get there in time.

As with virtually everything in this city, I end up walking up hill. When I first moved here, the slopes came as something of a surprise. But its the hills that sculpt the place, giving it an interest that is so often missing. Not only that, but if you cycle anywhere, as I often do, half of the journeys are devoid of effort as you can freewheel to the destination.

I’ve not been in this Department before, and have to ask a scarily efficient secretary for directions, who points at a sign behind my head. Up the stairs to the library, and look in. She’s not th…(previously posted from here)

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