If you think hard enough,
you can apply anything to your own life

Last night
when you were sleeping
I was awake
and bored
and so
I strayed to your
diary, with
your thoughts
and notes
about him
you and

I read it twice
the second time whilst
pinching myself
to check
I wasn’t dreaming

I drank some water
came back to bed
and looked at you
face down
on the pillow

I couldn’t sleep
knew what you’d said
about him
you and
so I opened the window
looked out
at the quiet
city streets

The air made me tired
and back inside
to bed
so I lay
with you
each on either side
facing opposite ways
and I dreamt
of the time when we
first met

In the morning
the day breaks like your
first smile
warms the world
somehow I’m not touched
remain as the night
cold and
frozen in time

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