2 minute warning. Sketch outline for short.

At table. Radio and TV on. Reading paper.

spread out.

Dipping soldiers into an egg, that spills across the news.

Pan to headline.

He ignores spillage, turns page.

Attention to radio. Warning of something immanent.

Radio is turned off / goes off.

TV. View of 2 anchor people. Male and female.

Final warning. 2 minutes. Man at table opens a bill for electricity. presenters speak rhetorical questions of what to do. Male answers. Wants female. Tries to atack / rape when no response. Man at the table pours out a cup of tea. Takes another bite of soldiers. Looks at a picture on the fridge. A family. He is not in the picture. TV shows pictures of army movements etc. Back to presenters. Male is being hit back by the female.

The okay sounds. False alarm. Announced by the female.


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