I sent the following email to BMW. Unfortunately, they haven’t replied.

—– Original message —–

From: xxx@xxx>

To: ecommerce@bmw.co.uk

Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 22:01:45 +0100

Subject: Considering getting a BMW

Dear Madam / Sir

I am considering getting a BMW. However, I have one major concern: have you yet fixed the quality control issues that affect your indicators?

I’m not sure if its the switch, the wiring or simply an ongoing bad supply of bulbs – but I’ve noticed that about 95% of all BMWs that I ever see on the road are consistently unable to give any prior warning of the direction in which they intend to turn.

I look forward to receiving your reassurrance that this defect has now been addressed in the latest models. If the problem remains, and it is wiring / bulbs, may I suggest that you consider reintroducing the mechanical “flag” system previously adopted on early Morris Minors, as the lack of electronics would resolve the issues to date.

Many thanks,

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