I received a rather splendid, and quite helpful, response to my concerns over both Bose and Waitrose. Of course, this was not from either company, but from a shady figure using the descriptor of the mystery shopper….

Its nice to see that when testing the Bose, the amp was even better than the one used by Spinal Tap.

Subject: Bose + Waitrose Info

Dear Sir,

It has been brought to my attention that you doubt that Bose speakers actually make any noise. As you can see from pic below, this is patently untrue.

The person featured is not an actor/model and did not receive any remuneration for experiencing the extreme noise terror induced by turning amp up to 12, not 11, but 12. That is how good they are!

I also gather you are curious as to the appearance of the new Sheffield Waitrose interior, as their archaic opening times combined with your more modern work patterns, mean you have been unable to visit said store.

At great personal risk I was able to capture images of the store [Last time I attempted in store photography – of a clown shopping in Huddersfield, Tescos – I was ejected by pompous, jobsworthy, security guard who was desperate to provoke a fight].

The entrance and fresh produce. This is where you can gaze at lots of funny looking fruit you’ve never seen oop north before.

Their disabled policy is rather suspect, due to the architect putting ramps inside store rather that at points of access. Crutches and trolleys are useful aids for staying upright.

The new reading area is near the soft furnishing accessories [never guess it was a poncey southern store!].

Swish new intoxication zone. Note the upmarket flooring to help you buy even more expensive wines.

I hope this will go someway to appeasing the frustration of actually being able to visit the store. If need be a live virtual shopping experience could be arranged with the aid of a webcam, laptop and 3G phone.


The Mystery Shopper

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