20: 20 vision

They say to live for the present
today is the first of the last, not
the last of the first
make it work for you
and don’t procrastinate away your life

They say that
friends are important, and its
not just about surrounding yourself with
skin deep acquaintances
but a few
who know you, and
you them

They think you should be positive
look at what you have not
what you want, and
accept who you are
without hating the self or
the body where it lives

But what do they know
giving out advice
not looking inside, outside
failing to see the you
who is so different to
everyone else

On Thursday, I bought a flapjack from the shop in the student union. The price at the till did not match the price on the ticket. Accordingly, I emailed the shop. Sadly I’ve not received a response.

The email read as follows:


I’ve just bought an “RJ Flapjacks” Fruit Flapjack from the Union shop.

When selecting my flapjack from the vista of oats and dried fruit, I noticed that there was a sign, attached directly in front of the box of fruit flapjacks (possibly even attached to the box itself), indicating that they were on offer at just 35 pence.

That swayed my decision.

When it was put through the till, I was told by a member of your staff (Laura) that the cost was 51p. I queried this, and she informed me that despite the position of the label adjacent to the box, the offer referred to another type of RJ Flapjack. A smaller one, she said. One that was thinner. I queried this, not least becasue I wasn’t aware of RJ’s making smaller and less substantial flapjacks. Laura carried on, telling me that not only was it a different flapjack (not, apparently, on the shelf or in stock) that was on offer, but that in any case the offer had finished.

Assuming that Laura was right, your methods of pricing stock seem far away from a Union that prides itself on ethical considerations.

On an aside, I pleased to see the rigour with which Laura entered into her job: when she saw that I had given her £1.01 for the 51p sale, rather than just a £1 coin, she cancelled and re-entered the transaction in order to ensure that there was no possibility of her giving the incorrect change.


The car is a goddess of beauty. It needs a name. “Car” doesn’t do it justice.

Suggestions are welcome. The UK plate includes the letters RUF, and M. The original French plate includes the letters RC. A French name would be good.

Last night someone drove into the back of it, which annoyed me. However (subject to inspection) I think that the tow bar probably saved me. It didn’t save them. Ha ha ha.

My Citroen DS is here!

It is blue, with a white roof.

And the same age as me.

Pictures will follow.

Given that I have wanted one since I was about 10, this is a good thing. But first there is work to do!

Over the weekend, I was given advice as to immediate priorities. These are for a new radiator and accumulator sphere. I have also ordered a new exhaust section, set of locks, and a replacement for a broken door handle. There is some welding to be done, and some rust protection needed (boot, chassis, windscreen, roof).

I sent the following email to BMW. Unfortunately, they haven’t replied.

—– Original message —–

From: xxx@xxx>

To: ecommerce@bmw.co.uk

Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 22:01:45 +0100

Subject: Considering getting a BMW

Dear Madam / Sir

I am considering getting a BMW. However, I have one major concern: have you yet fixed the quality control issues that affect your indicators?

I’m not sure if its the switch, the wiring or simply an ongoing bad supply of bulbs – but I’ve noticed that about 95% of all BMWs that I ever see on the road are consistently unable to give any prior warning of the direction in which they intend to turn.

I look forward to receiving your reassurrance that this defect has now been addressed in the latest models. If the problem remains, and it is wiring / bulbs, may I suggest that you consider reintroducing the mechanical “flag” system previously adopted on early Morris Minors, as the lack of electronics would resolve the issues to date.

Many thanks,

Things to do in the morning

1. Get up. Have coffee. Grapefruit. Eat it leaning on the kitchen counter with the door open, looking out into the yard and admiring the view and the beauty of the light shining through the trees.

2. Dress. Wear a freshly laundered linen shirt, a hemp jacket, and have a crisp white cotton hanky in your pocket.

3. Leave the house. Make something of life, that will allow your immortality through the respect and trust given by others.


  next, and
 we meet –
do you see?

Found by the bin, 1 October 2004. Perhaps it should have been in the bin? Amended 15 May 2005